The Association of the Danish Nobility

Membership of the the Association of the Danish Nobility (Dansk Adelsforening) is open to all members of the Danish nobility, regardless of their country of residence. Members meet once a year at the Association’s annual meeting.

The Association has a popular Youth Section with many events and activities. The Section is available for members up to the age of 30. For more information please contact

The Association is a member of the international umbrella-organisation CILANE.

Annual membership fee for persons up to the age of 30 is DKK 250, otherwise DKK 480.

If you are not a member, you may apply by e-mail to Anna von Lowzow or through this web page.

The main purpose of the Association is to publish the Calendar of the Danish Nobility (Danmarks Adels Aarbog), i.e., a register of the present members of the Danish nobility and their personal details. The calendar, popularly known as ‘the Red Book’, is published every third year. Every edition includes introductions to and genealogical tables of several living or extinct noble families. Edited by several professional historians, the calendar is highly esteemed by academics internationally.

Three years of paid membership fees entitles you to receive the latest issue of the calendar.

Furthermore, the Association publishes a magazine, ‘Meddelelser’, three times a year. It contains news, information and historical articles. It also includes descriptions of various families and their history, often written by the members themselves.

The magazine is illustrated by a wealth of colour pictures.